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Cooper Tire and Rubber Recalls

Findlay, Ohio mainstay Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, which stands alone with Goodyear as the two remaining U.S.-based tire manufacturers, formed as Master Tire and Rubber Company in 1930 before dropping ‘Master’ in lieu of ‘Cooper’ in 1946. Replacement tires for racing, truck and passenger cars are the staples of the multibillion dollar corporation.

Although the company lauds their superior quality control and craftsmanship, recalls have been a periodic issue spanning the company’s century-long history. Injuries, including death, are known to exist from Cooper tires.

Did your vehicle suddenly veer off and crash into another vehicle because of defective Cooper tires? The defective tire attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert, P.A. want to hear about auto defects such as malfunctioning tires or tire warning lights. Although exact outcomes vary by client, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Cooper Tire Recalls Throughout History

Like other tire manufacturers, Cooper has been linked to numerous recalls throughout its history. If you’re unsure whether your current tires are subject to recall, always check the NHTSA website which keeps up-to-date information for thousands of tires and investigations being done.

Here are some notable recalls:

  • 2018: 41,014 tires spanning 11 product lines were recalled due to an incorrect rubber compound being used, which may cause poor adhesion and lead to belt separation. Cooper estimates only 5% of the recalled number were defective, and encouraged people to contact their local tire retailer for replacement information.
  • 2017: 7,067 Discoverer M+S Sport tires were recalled due to tread not meeting requirements. These had the potential to cause car accidents without notice. SUVs and crossover vehicles that had these tires installed between January 2010 and August 2016 qualified for free replacement tires.
  • 1988: 156,266 Cooper tires were recalled due to bead flaws during the year. Light trucks using size 23575R15 were subject to this recall, affecting tires manufactured between May 1, 1987 and June 1, 1988. Because tires require a bead flipper to prevent pressure loss, the company ate a good chunk of profit in replacing these.

Did Cooper Tires Cause an Accident?

The last thing consumers want is the pain, suffering, loss of work and inability to pay bills that comes with an auto accident. It’s one thing to deal with negligent drivers, but negligent tire manufacturers? That’s just wrong.

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is responsible for one of America’s largest tire recalls three decades ago. Their bead mistakes have been corrected, but others have sprouted up in their place.

Consumers who used proper air pressure, took care of their tires and still had an unexpected blowout that led to an injury should contact Halpern, Santos & Pinkert P.A. immediately. While verdicts and settlements will drastically vary from case to case, our devotion to making consumers whole is the driving force behind our civil suits against tire manufacturers like Cooper.

Contact our office immediately at 877-529-6211 if your injuries were sustained while Cooper-brand tires were installed regardless if manufacturer’s warranty covers the costs. Compensation may be available, so call today.

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