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Pep Boys Tire Recalls

Automotive aftermarket retailer Pep Boys doesn’t produce tires like others we’ve discussed, but is equally responsible for numerous recalls and complaints over the years. Formed in 1921 by Moe, Manny and Jack in Philadelphia, the company has placed over 8,300 service bays inside 930 stations spanning 35 states and Puerto Rico to date. With a total investment of $800, the four founding fathers (the fourth a Moe, too) concentrated on parts distribution and auto repair in their early years.

Today, they’re owned by Icahn Automotive Group, although they almost merged with Bridgestone Tire several years prior to Icahn’s acquisition of Pep Boys.

Numerous tire manufacturers produce tires for Pep Boys. If you’ve been injured after the company installed any brand of tire, compensation may be fought for. The skilled tire defect attorneys at Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. can help recover damages through civil litigation or settlement.

Tire Recalls Affecting Pep Boys

Tires installed by Pep Boys techs aren’t produced directly by the company, but rather manufactured for the company. This doesn’t absolve Pep Boys from legal liability completely, especially if they failed to inspect tires prior to installation.

We found several recalls that either Pep Boys announced, or ones that directly affected the company:

  • 2006: An estimated 8,583 Pep Boys Cornell 1000 tires were recalled for having nonconforming belt stock installed, which may have caused belt exposure and undisclosed injuries. These tires were manufactured from August 6-13, 2006, and tread separation was a common end result of this incident. Other brands were affected during this recall year, as well.
  • 2002: Pep Boys Futura Dakota H/T and Futura Adventurer tires were recalled due to intermittent sidewall cracking, which could lead to blowout. To be sure, 8,214 tires were affected, yet no known consumer notification time was specified.
  • 1989: 33,208 Cooper P25575R15 tires, manufactured for Pep Boys, were recalled because ply coat stock failed to meet specification, causing lower adhesion issues. The manufacturing date is shown as June 1, 1989.

Bear in mind numerous other recalls that we’ve discussed on other pages may also affect Pep Boys, so it’s important to check both their website and the NHTSA website for product recall information.

Pep Boys is Responsible for Consumer Safety

Regardless of who made tires installed by Pep Boys, there’s a duty to notify and duty of care activated when money changes hands with the company. The duty to notify exists when any issues such as recalls or defective tires are known; and the duty of care involves making sure the customer doesn’t drive away with defective tires or products provided by Pep Boys.

With a tremendous grasp of product liability law, the tire defect attorneys at Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. want consumers to step up when Pep Boys has neglected their responsibility to install tires with known recalls or defects. Compensation, although not promised, is certainly possible in cases where consumers are injured after the tire installation company allowed a passenger vehicle to leave their property with defective tires.

Whether it’s a tread separation case or wrongful death injury stemming from malfunctioned tires, our firm wants to take your case. Contact us for an initial consultation at no cost. Our toll-free number is 877-529-6211.

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