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Referrals and Co-Counsel in Tire-Related Car Accident Litigation

As an experienced personal injury attorney, you know that another driver’s negligence, even if accepted by the insurance company as 100% total liability, may not tell the whole story. To a trained observer, the way an accident happened can indicate other possible causes, such as a roadway defect or a defective vehicle component. At Halpern Santos Pinkert, we litigate extensively in the area of car and truck accidents caused by tire aging and other tire defects. Our lawyers have achieved multimillion verdicts and over $100,000,000 in settlements on behalf of clients nationwide in cases against major U.S. tire manufacturers and tire service providers. Our firm is happy to accept your referral or to co-counsel with you in your tire litigation case.

Seemingly Simple Car Accident Cases can Quickly Turn Complex

It’s not uncommon that an attorney will sign up a client who appears to have a rather straightforward car accident claim against a negligent driver. After digging a little deeper into the facts of the case, however, it becomes apparent that a tire failure played a significant role in causing the accident or increasing its severity. Lawyers in these situations may find themselves asking:

  • Was this injury caused by a tire defect?
  • Was the tire defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or defective for some other reason? How can I determine what caused the tire failure, and more importantly, how can I prove it?
  • Do I sue the tire manufacturer, the automaker or dealer, a tire store or service shop, or some other defendant? Are multiple parties potentially responsible?
  • Do I have the experience, knowledge, staff and financial resources to go up against a major tire manufacturer or other giant corporate defendant?

Tire litigation is a highly technical, niche area of personal injury law. In our nationwide practice, we have pursued cases against every major tire manufacturer across the country. We already know the experts to call on and the science behind tire-related car accidents, and our attorneys have an extensive document database built up from the cases we have tried and litigated. Our lawyers start every case several steps ahead on the road to success.

Contact Halpern Santos Pinkert with Your Tire Litigation

Contact our office to discuss the possibility of co-representation in your tire litigation. If you know at the outset the case is not suited to your practice, we’ll gladly accept your referral and pay an appropriate fee consistent with the applicable rules in your jurisdiction. Regardless, your firm will benefit from the goodwill generated by sending a client to a trusted source where they will receive excellent representation.

Call Halpern Santos Pinkert nationwide at 877-529-1622, or fill out our online contact form to have a representative from our office get in touch with you regarding your case. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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