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Motorcycle Tire Failure

Due to a rider’s exposure, motorcycle accidents tend to be serious, often involving bodily injuries. Like their four-wheeled vehicle counterparts, motorcycle riders are at risk for defective tires which could cause serious consequences. The main difference is that a motorcycle rider doesn’t have the benefit of added protection from an airbag or the steel vehicle structure around them in the event a tire fails.

It doesn’t matter whether the tire failure is instantaneous, like with a blowout, or is a gradual failure, the result is the same. A tire failure can be deadly for the rider and any passengers.

How Tire Pressure Affects Handling

In most scenarios, a motorcycle rider will not realize their tire has gone flat. It’s more likely that the steering will suddenly become heavy or even “mushy.” The greater the loss in pressure, the greater the risk of an accident, especially if the motorcycle is traveling at higher speeds. Depending on which tire loses pressure, it can have different consequences on control:

  • Front wheel: When a front wheel loses tire pressure, it is likely to cause the motorcycle to suddenly change directions or even flip.
  • Back Wheel: When a rear wheel loses tire pressure or has a blowout, it will likely affect the balance and can cause the motorcycle to sway side to side or even go into an uncontrolled skid.

Who is Responsible for a Motorcycle Tire Failure?

Depending on the situation and how the accident occurred, multiple parties could have some liability for negligence. Under product liability law, a tire manufacturer, a dealership where you bought the motorcycle, or the mechanic who recently worked on the motorcycle could have some liability.

If the tire manufacturer produced a tire that contained a material defect, was poorly designed, or used substandard materials, then they could be on the hook for your injuries and property damage. A poorly designed motorcycle tire could result in tread separation or a sidewall zipper failure.

A motorcycle mechanic might be liable if he or she installed the tires incorrectly and the tire failure was attributed to an improper mount. If the tires were defective when purchased from the dealership, it may also be liable under property liability law.

Types of Damages Recoverable in a Motorcycle Tire Failure Claim

If you suffered injuries and/or sustained property damage in an accident that can be attributed to motorcycle tire failure, you are entitled to reimbursement. Some of the expenses you can submit a claim for include:

  • Medical expenses:If you sustained injuries in the accident, you likely have medical bills which should be reimbursed by the liable party.
  • Property damage: You are entitled to recover damage to your motorcycle, or fair replacement value.
  • Loss of earnings: If you were unable to work due to injuries related to the accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any lost wages to date and potential future earnings.
  • Non-economic damages: You may be able to include non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Retaining a Defective Tire Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a defective tire, you need to speak to a skilled defective tire attorney. The attorneys at Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A., have decades of experience in personal injury and product liability cases, including defective motorcycle tires. Contact our office at 305-445-111 to set up a free initial consultation.

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