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Tire Manufacturer Lawsuits

Holding Tire Manufacturers Accountable for Their Failures

If your vehicle is recalled for some reason, you’ll probably get a notice from the manufacturer. Auto makers are able to keep track of their vehicles, even if you move or the vehicle changes hands, because vehicles and their VINs are registered with the state where the owner lives. In the case of tire recalls, however, it is not so easy for the owner of the recalled tire to get a notice. For instance, if you bought your tires from a third-party seller, or if you didn’t bother to send in a registration card after your purchase, there may not be a chain linking you to the manufacturer. In the end, it may be up to you to know whether the tires on your vehicle have been subject to recall or not.

Tire makers think they can put the burden on you to know if the tires on your car have been recalled. The fact is, tire manufacturers can and should do more to prevent defective tires from getting into the stream of commerce (and onto your car) in the first place. The Florida attorneys at Halpern Santos Pinkert have taken on cases against nearly every major tire manufacturer in the U.S. and have achieved resounding success holding them accountable for their negligence, failures and misconduct which lead to serious car accidents and the catastrophic injury or wrongful death they involve.

Nationwide Success in Tire Litigation

Our tire litigation attorneys have pursued cases all across the country against all of the following tire manufacturers, automakers, dealers and others:

Our Tire Verdicts and Settlements

Halpern Santos Pinkert has achieved multi-million verdicts against major tire manufacturers, including:

  • 6.8 million vs. General Tire
  • 4.8 million vs. Michelin
  • 1.1 million vs. Continental

Additionally, our tire litigation attorneys have successfully resolved cases resulting in confidential tire and rollover settlements in excess of 100 million dollars. Trust our experience and success when choosing a law firm to represent you against major tire manufacturing corporations.

Help with Complex Tire Litigation against Major Tire Manufacturers

Tire litigation is complex. It takes a great deal of expertise to determine whether a car accident was caused by a defective tire, and whether that tire defect is the result of a manufacturer’s design defect or manufacturing defect, or some other reason, such as the installation of an old tire by a tire service provider. Our diverse background litigating cases against a number of manufacturers involving a wide range of causes gives us the knowledge and experience needed to take on any tire litigation and aggressively pursue a successful claim.

If you have been hurt in a tire-related car crash, contact Halpern Santos Pinkert at 877-529-6211 for a free, confidential consultation with a team of dedicated and successful tire litigation lawyers.

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