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Tire Defect Attorney

Dunlop Tire Recalls

Owned by several worldwide tire companies and a mainstay to motorsports, Dunlop Tire is another trusted name in the rubber tire industry founded by pneumatic tire pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in 1889. Goodyear Tire and Rubber controls North American, Australian, European and New Zealand operations, Dunlop India Ltd. runs the Indian leg while Sumitomo Rubber Industries controls Asian and Latin American production.

Superior craftsmanship of motorcycle, racing and passenger car tires have been commonplace for many years in Dunlop manufacturing, although recalls have been prevalent of late.

A successful track record of holding tire companies accountable for shoddy craftsmanship makes the tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert a logical choice for consumers wanting to take civil action for any accidents or injuries Dunlop tires have caused.

A History of Dunlop Tire Recalls

Goodyear has released numerous recalls of Dunlop tires over the last decade with varying degrees of seriousness. Because vehicles tend to lose control when tires blowout or have steel belting exposed, it’s important to have tires replaced at no cost when recalls are announced.

Here’s a brief list of Dunlop recalls we found while scouring the web:

  • 2017: Around 1,400 Dunlop GrandTrek PT3A were recalled for their lack of DOT markings, a known factor in vehicle crashes when consumers are unaware of their proper use (information which DOT-specific markings provides). Tires with profile 275/50R21 manufactured from December 1 to December 7, 2016 qualified for replacements at no cost.
  • 2016: A much larger recall happened during this year featuring 16,757 Dunlop SP50 tires produced from December 2, 2012 to February 1, 2014. Produced at their Lawton, OK plant, Goodyear tire P205/70R15 95T failed an NHTSA test because of a chunk that flew off one of their tires. Recalls begun mid-September, 2016.
  • 2008: 5,300 Winter Sport 3D and Winter Sport M3 tires were recalled as they failed to conform to strength requirements when tires are marked “extra load”. Manufactured from September 4, 2005 to May 17, 2008, these tires may fail if exposed to particular road hazards. During the same year, 82,636 mislabeled tires were discovered but weren’t recalled as the mislabeling was unrelated to safety.

More recalls have happened throughout history, although these are more synonymous with serious or fatal accidents. A few Harley Davidson motorcycle tires produced by Dunlop have caused fatal accidents in 2018 yet Goodyear is yet to recall these tires.

Have You Been Injured by Dunlop-Brand Tires?

Vehicles and motorcycles outfitted with Dunlop tires may have recalls on them consumers are unaware of. Perhaps replacement tires consumers received as part of a recall have failed them. In either case, poorly crafted tires which pass quality inspection and are sent to retailers across the country can kill people.

When Dunlop tires are the known cause of injuries, Halpern, Santos & Pinkert will step in and hold Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company accountable. We’ll investigate the tire, the recall that may be attached to the tire, and consult with lawyers representing the tire company to determine a best-case scenario to make the consumer whole again.

Did a bad tire cause an unspeakable accident? Was Dunlop the brand on your car, truck or motorcycle when tread separation was discovered? Contact our firm today for an initial consultation at no cost.

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