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Tire Service Providers

The Role Tire Service Providers may Play in a Tire Litigation

When it comes time to buy a new set of tires or if you just need to replace a flat, your choices on where to go may seem virtually limitless. Shopping for the best price makes economical sense, but the service you receive can vary widely from place to place, and even from visit to visit at the same location. Tire service providers spend all day changing out old tires and installing new ones, but that doesn’t mean they always get it right. When a tire shop fails to do their job correctly, they put you and your family at risk by putting you back on the road with unsafe tires. At Halpern Santos Pinkert, our tire litigation attorneys know how to investigate any car accident where tire failure played a key role in causing the accident or increasing its severity. We’ll know when the problem was with the tire itself, and when the problem was with the tire service provider. Read on to learn about tire service provider negligence claims, and contact Halpern Santos Pinkert in Florida at 305-445-1111 or toll-free nationwide at 877-529-6211 for a free consultation regarding your car accident claim.

Common Examples of Tire Service Provider Negligence

There are many different mistakes tire service providers may make when selling or servicing a tire. Chief among them are putting on the wrong tire for your vehicle or using an old tire that should not be placed in service to begin with.

Putting on the wrong tire – It should just be a simple matter of looking up in the computer to find the right tire, but there are literally hundreds of different tire sizes, and each one is identified by a 12-digit alphanumeric code describing the type of tire, its width, aspect ratio, construction type, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. An error selecting the wrong tire from the computer or off the rack can put the wrong tire on your car. Even a tire that is technically the right size for the car could cause problems if certain aspects of the tire do not match the other tires on the vehicle. Also, some cars have different tire sizes for the front and rear tires, which can pose a problem when installing or rotating tires. Finally, some car enthusiasts may intentionally purchase larger tires aftermarket than the OEM tires; tire service providers need to be aware of this when installing or servicing tires.

Using an old tire – Tires have a usable lifespan after their manufacture, and the clock starts ticking while they are sitting on a shelf before they ever get to your car. Tire defects due to old tires and tire aging is actually a leading cause of tire failure and the serious injury accidents that can result. Tire service providers know better than to install “new” tires on your vehicle that are near or past their useful life. It does not occur to the average customer to check the date of manufacture on a tire they purchase, and unscrupulous stores may pawn off their old stock on you, at your peril.

Other typical yet dangerous tire service provider mistakes include:

  • Failing to remove the old/bad tire
  • Putting the new tire in the wrong position
  • Not following manufacturer’s recommendations when selling or installing a tire

Call the Attorneys with Experience and Success Going Up Against Tire Service Providers Nationally

After a tire-related accident, we’ll look into when and where your tires were purchased or last serviced. We know the right questions to ask and places to look to uncover whether mistakes or misconduct by a tire service provider is implicated in your accident and if so, we’ll do the work to hold them accountable. From the mom & pop shop down the street to Pep Boys and Wal-Mart, we’ll take on any party responsible for negligence or misconduct that caused you harm. In Florida, call Halpern Santos Pinkert at 305-445-1111, or contact us toll-free from anywhere in the country at 877-529-6211. We offer a free, confidential consultation, and we don’t charge a fee unless we recover for you.

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