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Tire Defect Attorney

Firestone Tire Recalls

Buggies, wagons and other wheeled conveyances benefited from Harvey Firestone tires, circa 1900. Having a close relationship with automobile pioneer Henry Ford, the tire magnate saw an opportunity to mass produce his tires during the automobile boom, launching the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company into another realm of popularity.

Bridgestone, which purchased the Akron, OH-born Firestone in 1988, is responsible for numerous recalls throughout time, even though Firestone is its own entity in marketing and branding campaigns.

Consumers who’ve retained the tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert know their powerful presence in tire injury cases remains one of the strongest in Florida. If you’ve purchased Firestone tires and later sustained injury from tread separation, exposed steel belting, an unexpected blowout despite proper air pressure or any other reason, contact us immediately.

Firestone’s Recall Issues

All tire companies stand behind their craftsmanship, and Firestone is no different. You may find several recalls below on our Bridgestone page since they’re one in the same:

  • 2018: As part of a much larger Bridgestone recall, Firestone FSS18 tires with date code ranges 2318-2418 were found to have potential steel cords exposed during road tests. This noncompliance recall affected commercial trucks.
  • 2017: Firestone FS561 tires with DOT codes 0515-0416) were recalled due to tread separation. 36,000 tires with sizes/profiles 255/70R22.5 were subject to this recall.
  • 2009: 127,000 Firestone FR 380 tires, size P235/75R15, were recalled stemming from consumer complaints of tread distortion and separation. Although no known accidents are connected to these tires, the voluntary recall cost Bridgestone several million in lost revenue.
  • 2000: Firestone was responsible for the second largest tire recall ATX, ATX II and Wilderness AT tires were affected, with fatal injuries reportedly due to SUV crashes stemming from tread separation. Southern states – mainly California, Florida and Texas – saw the largest influx of recalls.
  • 1978: All 5-rib and 7-rib “500” steel belted radials manufactured after September 1, 1975 but before January 1, 1977 were included in a massive recall that caused chaos around the country. The recall affected 9 million tires and cost an estimated $100 million in 1978 dollars (adjusted for inflation, around $386.7 million today.)

Numerous other recalls and investigations were located on the NHTSA website, although they’re less relevant than those depicted above.

Understanding Your Rights

Tire recalls are not only to protect your vehicle, but your life. Companies who fail to recall products in a manner that is both timely and efficient for replacing their defective tires may cause accidents resulting in death or serious injury. Consumers have the right to feel safe when driving their vehicles, especially if they’ve inflated tires properly and haven’t abused them.

When your consumer rights have been violated, and injuries result from those violations, Halpern, Santos & Pinkert is prepared to hold the company responsible for your injuries accountable. Firestone is notorious for producing tires that cause injury or death, and have been held civilly liable numerous times.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our firm offers fee-free consultations and a “no win, no cost” representation of product liability claims. Call us immediately at 877-529-6211.

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