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Electric Vehicles and Tire Maintenance


There is some indication that electric vehicles will eat through tires at a faster rate than vehicles with internal combustion engines. The issue has to do with the weight of the vehicle and is related to how the EV engine operates. This comes as good news to maintenance shops because EVs are also expected to create a serious decline in routine maintenance issues (such as oil changes). Nonetheless, consumers need to be aware that EVs will cause faster tread wear and plan accordingly.

The Debate on EVs and Tire Wear

While Nokia insists that EVs have no impact on tires and may reduce tire wear, nearly everyone else is claiming the opposite. In fact, Pirelli recently announced a new performance tire designed specifically for electric vehicles. While these tires aren’t available on the market yet, they very well could be in the not-so-distant future.

Nonetheless, consumers must be aware that EVs will eat through tires faster than internal combustion engines and this is directly related to the vehicle’s powertrain. Not only are EVs heavier than ICEs, they also create near-instant torque. Some Tesla drivers report having to replace tires after as few as 10,000 miles.

What Does This Mean for EV Drivers? 

Those who drive electric vehicles will need to maintain vigilant care of their tires and ensure that they are checking on them more frequently than they’ve likely had to in the past. Since EVs will wear down the treads faster than their ICE counterparts, the chances that the tires will go bald or otherwise become dangerous to the drivers is a major consideration.

In terms of liability, EV drivers who do not maintain a fresh set of tires on their vehicle and experience a tire blowout may be liable if the tire blowout results in an injury to other drivers on the road. It is always the responsibility of the driver to maintain their vehicle in roadworthy condition and when they fail to do so, they are liable for the damages.

Otherwise, electric vehicles are must cheaper to maintain than their ICE counterparts. But those who drive electric vehicles are enthusiastic about how fast the start from a dead stop. Those who are a little more gentle with their accelerators may be able to get a few thousand more miles out of their tires. But fast acceleration isn’t the only issue.

From just about any other vantage, the situation has not changed significantly for those who now prefer EVs to ICE vehicles. Drivers will need to check for tread wear and ensure that the tread wear indicators aren’t indicating that the vehicle is ready for a new set of tires. But knowing that EVs eat through tires more frequently should help alert drivers to premature balding.

Talk to a Florida Defective Tire Attorney

If you’ve suffered a tire blowout and this directly led to serious injury, you are entitled to recover compensation related to medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. Call the Coral Gables tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert today to schedule a free consultation.






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