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Ford Recalls Half a Million Trucks for Various Safety Problems


Ford announced the recall of over 550,000 vehicles, including Ford F150s and several crossover models. The recalls address a number of safety issues with the vehicles.

The greatest number of vehicles that have been recalled address the braking systems of the 2015-2018 Ford Edge and the 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX. Some of these vehicles can have defective brake jounce hoses that can lead to a loss of braking power. The hoses run from the chassis to the front brake calipers. Defective hoses might rupture, causing brake fluid to leak and resulting in the loss of brake function. Ford has agreed to replace the components.

Other Recalled Vehicles

The next-largest recall addresses the 2020 Lincoln Corsair model. About 3000 Lincoln Corsairs were assembled improperly without the proper clearance between the rear suspension springs and the toe link brackets. The components could grind together wearing down the protective coating on the rear coil springs allowing the part to corrode prematurely.

In addition to the two models mentioned above, a handful of Ford F150s was assembled with an incorrect retention nut on the hot lead to the starter motor. This could lead to increased heat in the circuit, which could cause a fire.

Ford is offering to correct and repair any of the aforementioned problems free of charge. F150 owners can bring their vehicles down to the dealership, where a mechanic will ensure that the truck has the proper retention nut.

Understanding Recalls 

There are essentially two types of recalls. Those are voluntary and involuntary. If the U.S. government via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opens an investigation and determines that a vehicle has a defective part, they can force a company to issue a recall. This typically happens only after several owners have complained about the issue and filed a class-action lawsuit for breach of warranty and other issues.

Voluntary recalls are initiated by the auto manufacturer itself. This usually happens when several customers have filed complaints, or there is a paper trail of acknowledgment concerning the defect. In some cases, the company will refuse to admit that the problem exists or attempt to lay the blame with the owner of the vehicle. However, once enough complaints pile up, the company is generally forced to either voluntarily recall their vehicles or the government steps in and forces them to issue the recall.

Recalls and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Class-action lawsuits that result in recalls are not the same as class-action injury lawsuits. In some cases, the manufacturer fails to issue a recall, and several people are injured or killed by the part that malfunctioned. They too can create a class of injured parties to file a collective lawsuit against the automaker or file an individual lawsuit against the automaker.

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