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Tire Blowout Accident Sends Two to Hospital


Two were sent to the hospital after a 21-year-old woman lost control of her car following a tire blowout. The vehicle reportedly was sent airborne on I-75, striking a barrier before it collided with another car. The vehicle then burst into flames. Both victims were airlifted to the hospital.

The Accident

As soon as the vehicle’s tire blew, the car began pulling across three lanes of traffic into the median before it came to a stop and struck another vehicle. This is not uncommon in tire blowout accidents. The vehicle will begin pulling in the direction of the blown tire. Since it was the front left tire that blew, the car began pulling to the left—a very dangerous situation.

Whose Fault is the Accident? 

Information concerning the accident is difficult to come by. Florida interprets Marsy’s Law to apply to car accident victims even though the law was passed to protect victims of crimes. Typically, car accidents have some element of poor driving that might be an infraction under the law, but it wouldn’t rise to the standard of crime. Nonetheless, the victims’ names have been left out of the article concerning the crash.

Tire blowout accidents may seem on the surface to be no-fault accidents. It is likely that the law will treat this as an accident in which fault does not need to be established because Florida operates under a no-fault system. The problem is that elements of negligence do find their way into tire blowout accidents, typically because the driver has failed to ensure that the tires are inflated properly, or otherwise there is some maintenance issue that makes a blowout more likely. If the second driver injured in the crash raises the allegation that the driver that suffered the tire blowout failed to maintain the vehicle in roadworthy condition, then the tire blowout driver will be fully responsible for the crash and the other driver’s injuries.

Why Tire Maintenance is Important

While defective tires do exist in the stream of commerce and are ticking timebombs for whoever purchases them, maintenance issues with the tires are the most likely cause of a tire blowout accident. A driver sees that their tire is looking like it’s underinflated. It’s bowing at the bottom but hasn’t lost all of its air. They figure they can fix it over the weekend when they have more time. They drive the vehicle to work and then the worst happens. The tire blows out on the highway when the vehicle is traveling 60 mph or more, they lose control of their car, and they are severely injured or killed in the crash.

Because they made the wrong choice to drive their vehicle on an almost-flat tire, they endangered their own life and the lives of everyone else they were sharing the road with. That is negligence.

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