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What is a Smart Tire?


The era of smart tires is upon us. While they aren’t ready to hit the market just yet and are still in the preliminary stages of securing capital, companies are hoping to cash in on an era where just about everything is wired into the internet. Smart refrigerators, smart locks, smart thermostats and more have made our homes that much smarter. Now, IoT devices are moving into our cars.

Today, self-driving vehicles have taken to the streets. While their introduction has not been without controversy and lawsuits, many are excited that this can usher in a new era for the blind or those who are otherwise incapable of operating a vehicle themselves. Even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be able to take their own ride home in the future. While there have been many of advances in the AI and onboard sensors that have allowed this technology to move forward, the tire has remained relatively untouched by the tech gurus who are designing self-driving cars. So what would a smart tire look like?

The Fleet Sector Will be the First to Get Smart Tires 

Because Revvo is a business, they are targeting their technology to the fleet sector which consumes tires at a much faster rate than others. The sensor-enabled AI is the first of its kind and will attempt to monitor the tire while it is on the road. The tire should be able to track defects in the tire and alert the driver if there a serious problem. While the technology has existed to monitor tire pressure for quite some time, the new technology seeks to be able to expand its awareness to other common tire defects and prevent potentially disastrous accidents before they happen.

What Information Will the Smart Tire Provide? 

While the tire’s AI will still gauge tire pressure, it can also determine how hot the tire is. Additionally, this data is captured in real-time and relayed to the AI each time the tire rotates. The AI can then track changes in the tire and compare that to known data in order to determine whether the tire is aberrant or not. This data is then relayed to both the driver and their fleet headquarters in order to provide up-to-the-minute safety reports concerning the tire’s behavior.

Since tire failure is a serious problem for larger vehicles, this information can prove pivotal to preventing accidents before they happen while saving countless lives and preventing major injuries.

The temperature of the tire seems like a great place to start. Since overheating can cause overinflation, cracking in the sidewalls, and potential blowouts while the car is in motion, knowing and being able to control the temperature of a vehicle’s tire while it is moving is an excellent parcel of information. As tire litigation attorneys, we can’t stress how many times overheating has been responsible for a major accident.

Talk to a Florida Tire Defect Attorney 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you think the tire might have something to do with the cause, talk to the Coral Gables tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert. We can help.




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