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Jeep and Dodge Face Class-Action Related to Anti-Rollover Tech


Owners of various Jeep vehicles and Dodge Rams have recently filed a class-action lawsuit against Jeep and Dodge related to the disconnect mechanism on the electronic sway bar is potentially defective. This technology prevents top-heavy vehicles like Jeeps from rolling over. If the mechanism fails, the vehicle could potentially rollover causing serious injury and death for drivers. In other words, the sway bar is what keeps the vehicle level around turns.

The problem with Jeep and the various vehicles that they produce is that they’re primarily meant for off-road enthusiasts. But in recent years, Jeep has expanded its market and now their vehicles are being sold to demographics that primarily use them for primary luxury vehicles. This has resulted in hybrid Jeeps that contain technology that is good at both off-roading and navigating flat, even highways.

The results have not always been successful. Recently, Jeep faced lawsuits related to a so-called “death wobble” that is a result of the type axle used for off-road vehicles. Ford trucks and other off-road marketed vehicles face similar issues.

In this case, Jeep has produced a technology to prevent their top-heavy SUVs from rolling over on flat roads. However, this technology impairs the experience of off-roading and can be disabled. Deactivating the safety feature, in other words, makes the vehicle better for off-roading and worse for driving. This is a very common problem for off-road vehicles.

Is the Switch Defective?

Owners claim that the switch that allows owners to turn off the electronic sway stabilization system is defective and this can result in situations where the wrong safety technology is being employed.

The most dangerous situation would be if the electronic sway system either turned itself off or was otherwise not engaged when the driver believed it was. In these situations, if a driver takes a turn too fast (or takes a turn at a speed that they’re used to taking a turn at) the vehicle could roll over resulting in serious injuries to the driver, passengers, and others on the road.

Thus far, however, there have been no reports of injuries related to the alleged defect. Instead, angry Jeep owners hope to force Jeep to acknowledge and address the issue since that is what they agreed to pay for when they purchased the vehicle. Meanwhile, Jeep will probably maintain that the alleged defect doesn’t exist and (if it does) it’s not as dangerous as people think.

Class-action lawsuits against automakers are generally different and separate from personal injury issues. The class-action will attempt to compensate Jeep owners for the loss of their vehicle’s value and pay for any repairs related to fixing the defect.

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If a defective auto part malfunctions while you’re on the road, you can sustain severe injuries and even die. When that happens, automakers must be held accountable for failing to produce a safe product. Call the Coral Gables tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert to schedule a free consultation today.




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