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Jeep Faces Customer Complaints Over Delayed Fuel Pump Fix


The pandemic is playing havoc with many areas of society, and auto recalls are among them. Fiat Chrysler mailed recall notices concerning a defective fuel pump relay in January. However, customers, some of whom have vehicles that stall out while idling, are still waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.

According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the pandemic is causing issues with manufacturing which has delayed the fabrication of new components. Many customers are still struggling with poorly performing vehicles while waiting for Fiat Chrysler to let them know that there is a solution.

A spokesperson for FCA told the press that final recall notices will be sent out in December. They also indicated that the pandemic complicated the company’s response to the faulty component. The spokesperson said the pandemic delayed the accumulation of inventory for the faulty component. The process, they said, included component validation which is quite labor-intensive, at least according to FCA. Nonetheless, FCA stated that the delay between when the recall is announced and when a fix is available.

The Timeline of an Auto Recall 

Most auto recalls all have the same basic timeline, but the amount of time between the announcement of a problem and the availability of its fix depends primarily on what parts need to be manufactured, the complexity of those parts, the complexity of replacing the parts, and the ability to ship and store the parts.

Typically, one or more customers will report the issue to their dealership. If the dealership admits the problem is related to a defective component, they will usually voluntarily submit the recall to the NHTSA. In some cases, customers will need to file lawsuits against the company to get the components replaced. Once the recall is announced, customers are notified individually by certified mail. They are given instructions on how to return the car for repair and information concerning the recall.

Defective Fuel Pumps

Since the recall was announced only months before the global economic shutdown, FCA does have a valid excuse for not being able to adequately manufacture replacements during that time. Nonetheless, a faulty component related to a fuel pump can have at least two major safety issues involved, even though accidents caused by defective fuel pumps are rare.

Since the fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine, an engine without a functioning fuel pump won’t start at all. But sometimes the fuel pump is only partly defective or there is only one component responsible for the problem. In these cases, the fuel pump may work, only poorly. This can result in the car accelerating choppily, stalling out even while in motion, and sometimes accelerating for no reason at all.

Talk to a Florida Auto Parts Liability Lawyer 

If a defective auto part contributed to or caused a vehicle accident, you can sue the company or companies that made the defective auto part available. Call the Coral Gables tire defect attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert today to schedule a free consultation.




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