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Tesla Model Y Roof Flies Off Vehicle on Drive Home


While Tesla has been at the forefront of every major innovation in the world of vehicles, it’s also had some quality-control problems that have cost customers, in some cases, their lives. This recent incident involves the Tesla Model Y. If you don’t know what a Tesla Model Y is, the car has a single glass pane that stretches the entire length of the roof.

However, one brand new customer got a nasty surprise when the glass roof of his brand-new vehicle flew off the car while he was driving it home from the lot. The Tesla dealership told him that there was most likely a problem with the seal used to fix the roof to the vehicle or perhaps that the workers simply forgot to seal the roof to the vehicle.

Sometimes, Tesla Gets Too Cute

Tesla wants to position itself as the avant-garde of auto manufacturers, but sometimes it gets too cute with its features. In one lawsuit filed against the company, a family says that their loved one burned to death because of Tesla’s handle-less door feature. After getting into an accident, the vehicle started on fire, but the many couldn’t get out of the vehicle himself and none of the emergency response team were able to get him out either.

This seems like another careless mistake for a company that’s been at the forefront of innovation. In fact, Tesla has been plagued by a number of quality-control problems that have tarnished the brand’s otherwise good name.

While no one was hurt in the incident, a mammoth pane of glass flying off of a vehicle in even moderate traffic could result in serious injury or death. If this becomes a recurring problem for Tesla, it could cost them billions.

Engineering for Aesthetics

Tesla vehicles are by no means the safest. They are the most advanced, boasting driverless driving and other fancy technologies that may be more than a few years away from being fully realized. In this case, you have a disaster waiting to happen. Since the entire roof is made out of a single pane of glass, a serious accident could easily cause a driver to be showered in it. Of course, this glass is designed to break off into tiny pieces, so the risk that someone would be impaled by it is quite low. Nonetheless, the cost of replacing the glass roof must be exorbitant.

The customers who purchased the car intend on asking for a total refund and purchasing something else.

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