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Tire Blowout Results in Two Being ‘Ejected’ from SUV


A rollover crash resulted in severe injuries to one woman while sending two others to the hospital recently. A GMC Envoy was driving in the left-hand lane of the I-94 when one of the tires blew out causing the vehicle to roll over several times before coming to a stop. Two of the four passengers (the woman and her four-year-old son) were ejected from the vehicle during the rollover. A third passenger stayed in the vehicle while it rolled over and suffered minor injuries as did a two-year-old girl. They were taken to a nearby hospital for observation and the boy was treated for injuries to his legs. The woman had to be airlifted Christ Medical Center with severe life-threatening injuries.

Who is Responsible for the Accident? 

Without more information than the article provides, it would be impossible to speculate. In cases where the manufacturer can be held liable, there are generally three reasons. Either the tire was designed in such a manner that it made catastrophic failure inevitable, something happened during the manufacture of the tire that caused it to have a major defect, or a design flaw existed that caused the tire to become unsafe in certain situations and the manufacturer failed to warn the customer about it. Each of these would be situations in which the liability would fall on the company that manufactured the tire.

In some cases, however, the tire is simply old. Old tires are dangerous to drive on for several reasons. The rubber of which the tire is made relies on the fact that it is supple in order to grip the road and respond to changing pressure. Over time, the rubber hardens causing the tire to be more susceptible to blowouts over potholes and other serious problems. This can cause tread separation or sidewall failure that causes the tire to suffer a catastrophic blowout. It’s important for drivers to keep on top of their tires in order to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers, and other drivers on the road.

Manufacturing Defects Resulting in Tire Blowouts 

The most common reason that tire companies are held liable for defective tires is a manufacturing defect. The tire company is tasked with the duty to ensure that all of the tires that enter the stream of commerce are safe for drivers. In cases where they fail in that duty of care, they are responsible for paying damages to any parties injured, including other drivers.

Common causes of manufacturing defects include: impurities in the rubber compound, poor adhesion of the treads to the body of the tire, problems with solvents or skim stocks that cause tread separation, and a poorly executed quality-control inspection.

Talk to a Tire Defect Attorney Today 

If you believe a defective tire resulted in your accident, you can recover damages for any injuries you received. Give the Coral Gables tire defect lawyers at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert a call to set up a free consultation today.




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